Our cleaning technicians take a lot of pride in their work.  We do not just clean around things, we actually move things, clean under them and put them back.  We believe its the little things like this that set us apart from other cleaning companies.

When you call or email us, we'll set up a day for a representative from our company to come out and give you a free cleaning consultation.  During this consultation we'll determine what your cleaning needs are, what your budget is, and what your schedule is, to come up with a cleaning plan that works for you.  There will be no obligation to buy anything or to use our services.

Cleaning frequency:  One-time, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly (every 4 weeks)

Regular cleaning service:  Bathrooms: high dust, light fixtures, sink, toilet, mirrors, tub, shelves, wall decor,                                                     shower, floors, cabinets, trash                                                                                 
                                                Living, Dining, Bdrms: high dust, wall decor, light fixtures, ceiling fans, dust                                                             furniture, pictures, lamp shades,  valences, baseboards, blinds, window seal,                                                           sweep, mop, vacuum, trash removal, baseboards, front and rear storm doors                       
                                                Kitchen exterior of cabinets and appliances, inside microwave, high dust, wall                                                       decor, light fixtures, ceiling fans, counter tops, sinks, window seals, sweep, mop,                                                     vacuum, trash removal, baseboards

Extras:  Change bed linen, clean inside of kitchen appliances, dish washing, organizing, windows

Single Level:
2 bdrm 1 bath 800-1000 sq ft = approx $50-$60
3 bdrm 1 bath 900-1100 sq ft = approx $60-$70
3 bdrm 2 bath 1100-1400 sq ft = approx $70-$80
Bi Level:
3 bdrm 2 bath 1400-1700 sq ft = approx $75-$85
3 bdrm 3 bath 1600-1900 sq ft = approx $85-$95
4 bdrm 3 bath 1800-2200 sq ft = approx $90-$100
Tri Level:
4 bdrm 3 bath 2000-2400 sq ft = approx $100-$120
4 bdrm 4 bath 2300-2700 sq ft = approx $120-$140
5 bdrm 4 bath 2600-3000 sq ft = approx $140-$160
Larger homes, call for a free cleaning consultation.

Initial cleaning or one-time cleaning: $35 per hour per cleaning technician (2-3), with one hour minimum

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